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CMRIJeans for Genes

Feehan Communications has worked on the Jeans for Genes since it’s inception in 1994. We work alongside the fundraising and advertising teams to engage a broad cross-section of people through their preferred media with catchy, consumer friendly messages centralised around a particular day and a ‘get involved’ call to action. The service has provided a return on investment that would make a banker blush.

9 June 2010 - “Teens go for jeans,” Canberra Times
Major metropolitan newspapers through to local publications in each and every state. We go to everyone.

Jeans for Jeans

6 August 2010 - “This week we need,” Who Weekly
Celebrity ambassadors are approached by Feehan Communications and the Jeans for Genes team. Great results come from using an array of spokespeople in the public eye – from fashion shoots, to broadcast and TV interviews, to charity runs, etc.  

Jeans for Genes - Who Weekly

11 July 2010 - “Celebrity Jeans for Genes art exhibition launch” Sun Herald
Every year we seek publicity via social pages with events and celebrity ambassadors.

Jeans for Genes - Sun Herald

19 June 2010 - “Going into bat for a good cause,” Illawarra Mercury
The annual Celebrity Jeans Auction is an opportunity for Feehan to not only publicise Jeans for Genes, but to profile Australian artists who donate their talents to the cause.

Paul Dorin

“I survived cancer” in Real People, Real Life, Dolly Read more...

15 July 2010 - “It’s all in the genes,” MX Sydney
Feehan Communications collaborated with the College of Fine Arts, Sydney to create a project and an exhibition that encouraged a new generation of “Genies” to embrace the Jeans for Genes message. 2010 saw the first year of A Gene Expression, with over ninety entrants in the exhibition.   

Jeans for Genes - MX Sydney

28 July 2010 - Australia’s Next Top Model, Season 6, Episode 2, Granada Media Foxtel
Australia’s Next Top Model is Foxtel’s highest rating program. Its audience is perfect for Jeans for Genes and as a result of our efforts, 8 minutes and 45 seconds of the episode featured our client. This 30 second clip for a viral campaign was a bonus.

Get in touch with us if you would like to know about any of the above projects, view our media stories, or if you would like your own project to be presented to the media.

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